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Defence R&D organisation

Defence R&D organisationThe Ministry of Defence is an important user of technology as well as a considerable generator and conductor of activities related to R&D and technological innovation. Consequently, within the organisation there are specific agencies dedicated to the planning, promotion, coordination and execution of the Defence-related R&D.

Regarding R&D, the Minister of Defence has the powers of promoting and coordinating scientific and technical research in the areas affecting national defence. These powers are conferred on the Secretary of State for Defence, and are carried out by its General Directorate of Armament and Materiel (DGAM) and the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), an organisation attached to this Secretariat.

DGAM LogoThis is the organisation responsible for the preparation, planning and development of armament and materiel policy as well as the oversight and administration of its execution. Its prime objective is providing the Armed Forces with the best weapons systems and equipment required to complete their missions. Amongst the lower tier objectives, emphasis is placed on strengthening the defence technological and industrial base and support for research and development targeted towards national defence.

Under the recently approved Ministerial Order DEF/685/2012, March 28th 2012, the General Directorate of Armament and Materiel (DGAM) is responsible for those activities involving R&D of systems and equipment of interest for national defence, regulating and coordinating such activities.

The DGAM is also in charge of R&D programs, proposing the investigation and development programs to be undertaken by the Ministry of Defence. This programming includes those proposals made by the R&D centres attached to the Secretariat of State for Defence (SEDEF), and it also decides participation in Defence R&D international organizations and through the Under-Directorate for Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN), manages the R&D annual procurement plan.

There is further information on the DGAM and the Ministry of Defence’s policy on armament and materiel at the following address.

Imagen del CEARINTA plays an essential role in the development of defence technologies, promoting and performing R&D&I activities in the early phases of the technological developments. It also plays an important part as test and certification facilities in those technological areas of key importance for the Armed Forces.

Lastly, it is worthwhile pointing out the cooperation recently established with Defence University Centers (CUD), allowing the future officers to get to know the R&D activities undertaken by the Ministry of Defence.

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