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Aims of the website

Three-colour quantum well detector for sea-skimming missile detectionThe Website has been designed to be a meeting point for all those involved in Defence R&T, and has three main goals.

  • Promote the integrated work of all the defence national technology community along the Ministry of Defence´s technology strategy (ETID).
  • Boost the national technological base with activities in the field of defence, promoting mutual knowledge and collaboration between the different players involved.
  • Promote the dissemination of R&D information developed in the Ministry, establishing a point of reference which centralizes both the tools and mechanisms available as well as the technological initiatives and achievements.

The Website has two different parts, a public one and a private one, both accessible from the Internet:

  • The public part will include information on the R&D activities undertaken by the Ministry and other bodies involved (EDA, STO, …), as well as on other technologies of interest and the capacities of the national technological base. Information will be presented through news, links, events and documents (studies, calls, R&D projects, etc.), provided with filtering and search tools to facilitate its operation.
  • In the private part, accessible only by registered users, different tools support the development and exchange of information in communities of interest concerning technologies, projects, etc.

The Website aims to become an efficient tool for exchanging ideas and developing innovative technological solutions for our Armed Forces, contributing in a decisive manner to the success of the missions they have been assigned.

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Next events

AVT-321-RTC on Unified Missile Kinetic Performance Model – Agosto 2019From 27/08/2019 to 29/08/2019
Los días 27 al 29 de agosto de 2019, el panel AVT de la STO de la OTAN organiza el curso “Unified Missile Kinetic Performance Model” de la categoría Technical Course (RTC) en el NATO Joint Warfare Center, Stavanger (Noruega).More information
Conferencias Military Radar 2019From 27/08/2019 to 29/08/2019
Los días 27 al 29 de agosto de 2019, se celebra el encuentro “Military radar”, organizado en Londres por Defence IQ, en el que se analizarán los retos tecnológicos de los futuros sistemas radar de uso militar.More information
MAST 2019 - Maritme/Air Systems and TechnologiesFrom 04/09/2019 to 06/09/2019
Entre los días 4 y 6 de septiembre tendrá lugar en Copenhague (Dinamarca) una nueva edición del Congreso MAST - Maritime/Air Systems and Technologies, cuyo objetivo será poner en contacto a personal civil y militar, y todos aquellos profesionales interesados en aspectos relacionados con guerra anti-submarina, medidas contra minas, comunicaciones en los entornos marítimo y aéreo, mapeado del fondo marino, interoperabilidad, ISTAR, etc.More information

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