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Contributing to the Defence Technology Bulletin

Portada de uno de los boletines de observación tecnológicaThe Defence Technology Watch Bulletin is a quarterly electronic publication issued by the Technology Watch and Foresight System (SOPT), belonging to the Ministry of Defence. Its purpose is to publicize and explain initiatives, projects and technologies of interest in the defence field. This publication is included in the Ministry of Defence’s catalogue of publications, coordinated by the Sub-Directorate of Publications and Heritage.

The Bulletin has been appearing regularly since the end of 2003. More than 35 issues and 460 articles have been issued to date, from different authors, belonging both to the Ministry of Defence and to external entities.

The Bulletin is open to anyone who wishes to publicize their technical work. If you wish to collaborate with the Bulletin, send your proposal to Once accepted, you must send it to the same address, following the publication instructions below.

To access the previous issues of the bulletin, click this link.

Article publication rules

Rules on the content

  1. Articles must be INFORMATIVE. They should explain an issue of interest so that any person (regardless of their education level) may understand it.
  2. Articles should address new technologies, future projects/activities, in operation or recently concluded or report on meetings, congresses, EDA/STO/LoI/R&D Centres, etc.
  3. Writing an article with exhaustive information on a technology must be avoided. It is better to write several articles covering different scopes.
  4. Articles must make clear the following points: their interest and/or utility for Defence, use of the article (utility); main actors (if any), scope or impact, added value, and in case it is a Ministry of Defence funded program or project underline the means/resources available and the return expected.
  5. Focus must be placed on the technological issues and less on the groups/projects management or administrative procedures.
  6. Articles must avoid overly scientific language (avoid formulas, scientific jargon or technical graphics) and must avoid promoting a specific entity (for example, products catalogues).

Rules on the format

  1. Each Bulletin aims to cover the largest number of areas of interest for Defence, so in each issue articles are selected according to the subject they deal with and not in the order of arrival.
  2. Articles must be sent to the above-mentioned email-address. Instructions regarding format:
    • Word file (Word 97-2003 or 2010 predetermined format), in Spanish, including:
      • Title must not exceed 60 characters.
      • Name, surname and entity of the author/s.
      • Author/s postal address.
      • Keywords.
      • Photos/images must include footnotes, indicating the name of the file. Every image must include an explanatory footnote and in case it belongs to an external source, its origin. Images failing to fulfill these requirements will not be included in the article.
      • Footnotes and bibliography are optional. Bibliography should be included at the end of the article, following APA style.
    • Images should use jpg or png format (high quality =300ppp). It is recommended to include at least an image per page.
  3. Articles will average approximately 500 words per page. Therefore, depending on the section they feature, their length will be:
    • Current affairs: 250-600 words.
    • Emerging technologies: 1000 -1,500 words.
    • In depth: 1,500-2,500 words.
  4. Lengthier articles must include sections to facilitate reading (for example: introduction, conclusions, points of interest for defence, etc.).

Publication process

As mentioned in the introduction, anyone who wishes to collaborate with the Bulletin must send their proposals to In addition to the author/s data (name, surname, entity and contact data, e-mail and telephone number), the message should include a brief reference to the subject and its interest for defence.

The interest of the subjects proposed will be evaluated by SOPT experts related to the technological area addressed in the proposal. The result will be communicated to the author/s. If its publication is regarded of interest, an agreement will be reached regarding orientation, length and deadlines. The author/s will submit the article to the e-mail address previously mentioned following the “Rules on publication of articles”.

All the articles are subject to a review process that will include:

  • A first review by the relevant technician of the SOPT. The aim is to guarantee the article’s interest, its explanatory approach and its interest for defence. In case significant changes have to be introduced, the technician will contact the author/s to perform the required changes on a consensus basis.
  • Another review by other technician from the SOPT in order to guarantee its explanatory approach so it can also appeal to persons from other technological fields.
  • Layouts and style review performed by the Management Node and assignment to a Bulletin issue.
  • Those articles that have been reviewed and assigned to a Bulletin are included in the publication’s initial draft and submitted to the SOPT, the Editorial Board and the authors for its final review.

The SOPT will always try to publish those articles received in the next issue, but sometimes, due to the amount of articles or because of their subject, they might be postponed to the next Bulletin.​​

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