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Contact and participation

The Ministry of Defense’s Technology and Innovation Website is set up with the aim to, not just provide information on the main advances, requirements and opportunities within the field of the Defense R&D, but also to foster the participation and the mutual knowledge between the involved agents (universities, technological centers, small and medium sized companies, and big companies).

In order to do so, the Website will provide different mechanisms that will allow its users:

  • To send information on news or events which are related to Technology and Innovation within the field of defense, for their possible publication.
  • To make the technological capabilities of companies known to other entities (universities, technological centers, small and medium sized and big companies) framing them within the areas that have been established in the Defence Technology and Innovation Strategy (ETID).
  • To participate in initiatives for the exchange of ideas with other agents related to Defense R&D.
  • To receive electronic mail alerts on new website contents (newsletter) related with news, events, initiatives, studies,...
  • To have a direct communications channel with those responsible for R&D from the MoD.
  • To provide clarifications and comments on the Website and its contents as well as improvement suggestions.

The content of this menu unfolds as follows:


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