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Technology goals

Aerial refueling The main task achieved during the making of the ETID has been the implementation of a technological analysis to find out which technology objectives must be reached in the next years in order to meet the future needs of the Spanish Armed Forces. These objectives, called Technology Goals, represent the fundamental “building blocks” from which the strategy has been constructed, and are the essential guide to determine the set of R&T activities to perform in the near future.

The Technological Goals (TG) are grouped into six Functional Areas, which cover the full spectrum of technologies of interest to the Spanish Ministry of Defence:

These Functional Areas (FA) connect the R&T activities to the military requirements of the Spanish Armed Forces. The FAs are further divided into Functional Sub-Areas (FSA).

Each TG is assigned a specific technological roadmap, which shows the “path to follow” to fulfill of the objectives included in the TG. These roadmaps identify the key enabling technologies and the actions needed to meet each TG. With these roadmaps, the ETID provides a valuable guidance to the national DTIB concerning the defence R&T activities to perform in order to satisfy the future military capability requirements, established by the Spanish Defence Staff.

The Technological Roadmaps will be soon available for download from this web site.


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