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Letter of Intent (LoI)

LoI FA EDIR logo The LoI/FA EDIR (Letter of Intent / Framework Agreement for European Defence Industrial Restructuration) is a treaty that was signed on 27 July 2000 in Farnborough (UK) by France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Its objective is to facilitate the restructuring of the European defence industry, and thus promote a more powerful and competitive industrial and technological base.

The Ministry of Defence participates in R&T affairs in the context of the LoI by means of the Group of Research Directors, which main role is to promote the coordination of research activities in an environment of cooperation in order to expand the knowledge base and to stimulate technological development and innovation.

The GRD can create specific working groups to help in the in-depth shaping and definition of possible initiatives focused on specific technology topics. There are currently two active groups: the Disruptive Technologies Group (DTG) and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

The GRD has been applying a policy of collaboration and transparency with the EDA’s R&T directors, and regular meetings are held between the management bodies of both institutions. This approach, based on an open and frank interchange of information, produces considerable benefit to all concerned: the GRD offers its experience to the EDA, thus providing added value to a wider community of Member States, whether or not they are part of the LoI.


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